Taste Problems in Water

Source of Taste Problems: Taste problems in drinking water can be caused by a variety of substances. Chlorine and chloramine disinfectants are considered distasteful by most people. The natural mineral make-up of your water source can also make the water taste bitter or even salty. Natural organics from vegetation or algae blooms in a reservoir can seasonally affect the taste of your drinking water.


Health Effects of Taste Problems: Taste problems in drinking water are usually aesthetic and don’t pose a direct health issue. Many people don’t want to drink water with a bad taste. This is especially true when there are children in the home and for coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. High iron can also cause taste issues along with laundry and sink staining.

How to Remove Taste Problems: In most cases a whole-house activated carbon filter is the best Available Technology (BAT) for removal of taste-causing substances. A specialty WECO backwashing filter may be needed, depending on the cause of the taste issue. Another option is a WECO reverse osmosis filtration system. This complete 5-stage water purification system removes tastes and odors along with suspended particles like sand and grit, chlorine, chloramine, carcinogenic chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, copper and arsenic. WECO whole-house and commercial filtration systems are also available.