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Algae in Water

Source of Algae: Algae are tiny plants that grow in water and in moist places. Lakes, rivers and reservoirs contain algae as part of the natural ecosystem. Sometimes algae will grow at a very fast rate when provided with nutrients like phosphate. This can cause taste, odor and health problems when drinking water is pumped from these open sources of water.


Effects of Algae: When algae die they release taste and odor-causing chemicals like geosmin, creating a musty taste and odor to water. While most algae cause aesthetic problems, certain types of algae release harmful chemicals called microcystins.  Microcystin-contaminated water has killed pets, birds and livestock. There is growing concern that algae blooms can cause health problems in humans too.

How to Protect Against Algae:  Water treatment plants actively try to destroy algae-related contamination but it is difficult to predict when algae will bloom, die and pollute the drinking water supply. A WECO whole-house activated carbon filter will remove tastes, odors and synthetic and natural chemicals like microcystin. 



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