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Calcium in Water

Calcium in Water

Source of Calcium in Water: Calcium is the primary mineral that impacts water hardness. As water passes through limestone rock and gypsum, it dissolves the calcium, making the water hard. Hard water can be found in all sources of water including wells, municipal water, lakes and rivers.


Effects of Calcium in Water: Water high in calcium is not a health concern. However, hard water can cause a variety of problems ranging from aesthetic issues to serious plumbing damage. Hard water causes unsightly spotting on glassware. Hardness minerals damage the heating elements in water heaters, dishwashers and coffee machines. Mineral deposits clog filter screens in dishwashers, refrigerators, ice makers and commercial beverage dispensing equipment. Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of dishwashing detergents, making dishes harder to clean by hand and in the dishwasher.


 How to Remove Calcium: The best methods for removing calcium in water are cation-exchange water softening or a reverse osmosis system. WECO manufactures both types of water purification systems. Either process can be tailored for residential and commercial applications.


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