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Benzene in Water

Source of Benzene: Benzene is a volatile, clear, liquid used as a gasoline octane booster and in the manufacture of consumer products such as paint, insecticides and cosmetics. Benzene can get into drinking water from industrial discharge, gas storage tank leaching and landfills. The most common situation is well water contamination with gasoline from leaking underground storage tanks. Wells are often contaminated with benzene from hazardous wastes.


Health Effects of Benzene: Benzene is a carcinogen associated with leukemia. Skin exposed to benzene may become red or irritated. Bathing and showering with benzene is not recommended. Since benzene easily releases from water into the air, bathing and showering with benzene-contaminated water may increase exposure through breathing

How to Remove Benzene:  The Best Available Technology (BAT) for removal of benzene in water is activated carbon filtration. A WECO whole house filter with granular activated carbon will supply every sink and shower with benzene-free water.


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