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Viruses in Water

Source of Viruses: Viruses are microscopic pathogens. There are over 100 different viruses that can affect human health. Outbreaks occur when water sources are contaminated with human or animal feces. Water run-off from land and faulty septic systems are main routes of contamination of drinking water. Water sources include lakes, streams and wells.


Health Effects of Viruses: Virus-associated health issues include polio, meningitis, gastroenteritis, upper respiratory troubles, norovirus related vomiting and hepatitis.

How to Remove Viruses:  Shock chlorinating a well is usually only a temporary fix. Properly applied Ultraviolet Disinfection, Ozone Treatment or Chlorine Injection are recommended to counteract virus contamination.

A UV system has a smaller footprint and will inactivate the organisms as water passes through the UV radiation, rendering the water safe to consume. UV systems require water to be pre-filtered before treatment. In many cases UV manufacturers require water pre-treated so that iron <0.3 mg/L, manganese < 0.05 mg/L, tannins < 0.1 mg/L, hardness < 7 gpg, turbidity < 1 NTU and pre-treated by a 5 micron filter. Maintenance usually includes replacing the UV lamp at the proper interval, cleaning or replacing the quartz sleeve. It is strongly recommended to disinfect the household plumbing anytime the UV is out of service.

Continuous chlorination and ozone treatment are chemical processes that leaves a residual that will keep disinfecting the water for a long period. Contact WECO with your water report for treatment recommendations.


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