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WECO Filter Installation Services

WECO Filter
Installation Services

While many WECO water filtration systems can be installed with simple plumbing tools, we realize not everyone has the time or skills to tackle home or commercial plumbing projects. We’ve made installation of your WECO water filtration system as easy as a phone call. WECO has partnered with Grand Water to install and maintain your water filtration system. How many times have you heard friends and neighbors express frustration when looking for a qualified plumbing contractor? You can relax! Grand Water’s plumbing installation professionals are local, licensed, insured and undergo a thorough background-check process. The professional installers are rigorously screened to ensure they have the skills and background to complete the installation project. Here are just a few of the installation services these plumbing professionals can provide:
Installation of undersink sediment, chlorine, taste and odor filters

taste and odor filters Installation of undersink sediment, chlorine, taste and odor filters

Counter-top drinking water filters

drinking water filters Counter-top drinking water filters

Faucet-mount water filters

water filters Faucet-mount water filters

Shower filters that remove chemicals, corine, odors

Shower filters Shower filters that remove chemicals, corine, odors

WECO water filters
WECO reverse osmosis systems
WECO drinking water filters
WECO Shower filters

Complete under-counter and stand- alone reverse osmosis systems for residential drinking water Complete under-counter and stand- alone reverse osmosis systems for residential drinking water

Whole home cartridge filters
chlorine tastes and odors Whole home cartridge filters for removal of sediment, chlorine tastes and odors, organic chemicals and more.
Automatic backwashing filters
purification of drinking Automatic backwashing filters for whole home water purification of drinking, bathing, cooking and laundry.
Water softener installation for silky skin and hair, no more spots on glassware, shower and tub

Water softener installation Water softener installation for silky skin and hair, no more spots on glassware, shower and tub

But that’s not all! Your water filtration system requires periodic servicing to keep it working efficiently and ensure you’ll always be drinking the purest, best-tasting water. Grand Water’s Home Depot certified plumbers will take care of any maintenance your filter system needs.

  • Replacement of under-counter sediment and activated carbon cartridges
  • Testing and replacement of the reverse osmosis membrane
  • Cartridge replacement for counter-top drinking water filters
  • Leak-checking of fittings, hoses and faucet
  • Shower filter cartridge replacement

Residential installation is economical and trouble-free. The installation cost of a typical under-counter reverse osmosis filter system costs approximately $85.00 excluding the filter. A whole home automatic backwashing filter installation costs approximately $350.00 excluding filter and materials.

If you’re in charge of a commercial business, WECO has you covered. We design and build high-capacity water filtration systems for manufacturing, health care facilities, laboratories, universities, food preparation, hotels and hydroponic operations to name just a few. Grand Water plumbing professionals can install your WECO commercial water purification system with the same attention to detail they give to residential installations.

  • High-volume, low TDS water with WECO commercial reverse osmosis water filtration systems
  • Automatic backwashing filters for sediment, iron and silica removal
  • Large capacity water softening for hotels, laundries and health care facilities
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • pH correction and acid neutralization
  • Gasoline (MTBE) remediation
  • Nitrate removal
  • High-purity water for hydroponic operations

We can also arrange for scheduled maintenance of your WECO water purification system so you won’t have to worry about down time or running out of high-quality process water.

  • Sediment and activated carbon cartridge filter change-outs
  • Testing of automatic backwash and control top functions
  • Replacement of backwashing filter media including ion-exchange resin, granular media, etc.
  • Leak-checking at filter housings, fittings, O-rings and tubing
  • Reverse osmosis membrane replacement
chlorine tastes and odors

We’ll save your facility time and money by scheduling preventive maintenance, ensuring your water purification system is always functioning at peak efficiency and output. Your filtration system will be serviced using the proper OEM filtration media and hardware, guaranteeing everything remains within manufacturer’s specifications.

Our local service area ranges from San Fernando to Palm Springs, California. We can arrange for installers to travel virtually anywhere in the world provided travel, labor and lodging expenses are covered. Our filtration engineers can specify a custom filtration system and arrange for installation and maintenance through third-party installation and service professionals. Please contact WECO customer support for details.


WECO is a manufacturer of water filtration systems. Grand Water screens and selects their contracted plumbing installers. Grand Water manages installation and maintenance activities, communicating directly with the client and plumbing subcontractors. Grand Water is responsible for all activities and services provided by their subcontractors.