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Carbon tetrachloride in water

Source of Carbon Tetrachloride: Carbon tetrachloride is a man-made chemical and doesn’t occur naturally in the environment. In the past, it has been used in refrigeration fluid and propellants for aerosol cans. Carbon tetrachloride was also used as a cleaning fluid, degreaser, and as a spot remover for clothing and carpets. It enters the water supply through illegal dumping and leaching from contaminated sites.


Health Effects of Carbon Tetrachloride: Carbon tetrachloride enters the body through the lungs, and stomach and intestines if you ingest water containing the chemical. Carbon tetrachloride is adsorbed through the skin. Drinking water contaminated with carbon tetrachloride leads to chemical storage in vital organs. Long-term effects are still being studied but is believed carbon tetrachloride harms kidneys, the liver and central nervous system.

How to Remove Carbon Tetrachloride:  A WECO whole-house activated carbon filter will remove carbon tetrachloride from every sink and shower in the home or business.


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