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Color in Water

Source of Color in Water: There are several causes of discolored water. Decaying vegetation releases dissolved organic compounds into lake and river water, causing brownish or even green colors. Tinted water can also be caused by natural iron and manganese metals. Reddish water is normally caused by precipitated iron. Natural humic acids (tannins) create yellowish water.


Effects of Color in Water: The various causes of discoloration each have their own negative effects. Iron can cause orange staining in the laundry, hair and fixtures and can clog water-using appliances. Copper causes blue staining. Black staining of laundry can be caused by tannins. Discolored drinking water may be caused by one or more substance.


How to Remove Color: The choice of filtration method depends on the cause of the discoloration. These filtration methods include activated carbon filtration, iron removal and reverse osmosis. These WECO filtration systems can be tailored for residential and commercial applications.



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