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Sulfate in Water

Source of Sulfate: Sulfate (SO4) occurs naturally in most groundwater sources. As water moves through soil and rock formations that contain sulfate minerals, some of the sulfate dissolves into the groundwater. Minerals that contain sulfate include magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, and calcium sulfate.


Health Effects of Sulfate: Sulfate can give water a bitter or astringent taste and can have laxative effects. People unaccustomed to drinking water with elevated levels of sulfate can experience diarrhea and dehydration. Infants are often more sensitive to sulfate than adults. High-sulfate water should not be used to prepare infant formula. Animals are also sensitive to high levels of sulfate. In young animals, high levels may be associated with severe, chronic diarrhea, and in rare instances, death. High sulfate levels may also corrode plumbing, particularly copper piping.


How to Remove Sulfate: A WECO reverse osmosis filtration system will remove sulfate along with taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine and hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals including lead and arsenic. For whole house and commercial (Point Of Entry) applications a WECO backwashing filter with anion resins is recommended.




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