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WECO ULTRA-300 Whole House Reverse Osmosis Filtration System | Up To 4 Baths

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  • The whole-house reverse osmosis water filtration system greatly reduces a wide range of contaminants, including sediment, chlorine, chloramine, nitrate, sodium, heavy metals, total dissolved solids (TDS), chromium, fluoride, mercury, radon, benzene, lead, and more.
  • Equipped with water pressure sensors and booster pumps, ensuring the filtration system operates at maximum capacity and produces an impressive 4000 gallons per day.
  • The system includes a 300-gallon atmospheric water storage tank (blue) with a 16" vented manway (36" diameter x 81" height), featuring a water recirculating ozone sanitizing unit.
  • Automated equipment control is facilitated by auxiliary relays, float control units, and an RO controller, eliminating the need for user input.
  • Note: Due to high water waste, storage space, and maintenance requirements, this system is not recommended for city water. It is specifically designed for problematic well water. Contact WECO Filters with your water report for a free consultation.
  • Operating limits: Hardness < 7 grains, maximum water temperature of 85°F, inlet pressure of 30-80 PSI, incoming TDS of 1000 ppm, removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese. Silica < 50 ppm, Turbidity removal, pH range of 3-11. Consultation and free pre-treatment equipment estimates are available for out-of-spec water chemistry.
  • The water pressure booster pump, equipped with intelligent controls, ensures optimal water pressure for light commercial applications, water stores, and houses with up to 3 floors and 8 taps.
  • Made to order. Contact us for lead time information.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

The ULTRA-300 whole-house reverse osmosis (RO) system comprises key components: a backwashing catalytic carbon filter, a 4000 GPD reverse osmosis water purification unit, an atmospheric water storage tank with a daily ozone sanitizing system via a recirculation loop, and a distribution pump. Reverse osmosis systems are widely recognized for their efficacy in reducing various chemicals in water, including fluoride, mercury, salts, lead, radon, benzene, and more.

For your specific water chemistry, RO pre-treatment may be necessary. Feel free to reach out to one of our WQA certified water specialists if you encounter TDS levels exceeding 1000 ppm, receive a positive water report for coliform, face challenges with hard water or iron staining, detect the presence of iron bacteria, or observe elevated silica content in your water.

Automated Pump for Perfect House Water Pressure

Fully integrated water booster pump delivering perfect water pressure to all taps. It features pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit that installs quickly and easily.

With its intelligent pump control, the booster pump adjusts performance to any demand – and offers one of the lowest noise levels in its class. The result is maximum comfort with minimum effort.

Standard Features

Membrane Elements

  • Commercial Grade 4"x 40" - 2000 Gallons per Day Membrane Elements

Membrane Housings

  • 4040 Membrane Housings

Filter Cartridge

  • 5 Micron Sediment Pre - Filter

Filter Housings

  • 20” BB Cartridge Housings

Flow Control

  • Tank Water Level Sensor
  • Auxiliary Relays

Brackets and Clips

  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Fittings

RO Specifications

Model System Capacity Membrane Elements Standard Recovery Nominal TDS Rejection Inlet | Permeate | Concentrate Voltage Amps Motor Dimensions L x W x H in (cm) Shipping Weight lbs (kg)
GPD LPD Size Quantity
XWH-4000 4,000 15,141 4040 2 40% 97% 3/4” FNPT | 1/2”QC |1/2”QC 115V/60 Hz <10 0.75 13 x 13 x 52(33 x 33 x 132) 127 (58)

Atmospheric Storage Tank Specifications

Model Capacity Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Manway Width Height Empty Weight
61-TKT03U 300 Gallons 1½” Bulkhead NPT 2” Bulkhead NPT 16” 36” 81” 80 lbs.

Pump Specifications

Model P1 Max Q Max H Max Dimensions
DAB Esybox mini 3 1 hp (850 W) 22 gpm 79 psi 17 ½ x10 ½ x9 ½ "
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