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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. Five Stages of WECO Hydra Reverse Osmosis

    WECO Hydra RO Stages

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  2. What is WECO Under Sink Reverse Osmosis

    weco undersink ro explanation

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  3. Drinking Water Maximum Contaminant Concentration Goals

    Contaminant Concentrations Allowed in Drinking Water

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  4. What are Microplastics and why should I care?

    Microplastics in Water

    Dan Jackson

    What are Microplastics?

    Microplastics are considered plastic particles 5mm (5000 microns) in size or less.  Plastic particles are in wide use in industries such as cosmetics, ion-exchangers in some water filtration systems, air blasting technology, tires, etc.  Microplastics are divided into two classes:  Primary microplastics are in their original form, and secondary microplastics are smaller pieces derived from breakdown of primary microplastics.  Microplastics have a very long degradation process that contributes to buildup in the environment.


    Are there health concerns with Microplastics?

    Toxicological effects

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