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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. Common Water Contaminants & Remedies

    Common Water Ailments & Remedies

    ContaminantMCL/Action LevelCommon Sources/NotesConventional Treatment Method(s)
    Alkalinity 400 mg/L Naturally Occurring/Subsequent to Treatment Reverse Osmosis, Anion Exchange
    Aluminum 0.05 to 0.2 mg/L Natural deposits Distillation, Reverse Osmosis, PE Cation
    Ammonia Highly Variable Natural/Industrial Waste/Disinfection with Chloramines Distillation, Ion Exchange with Clinoptilolite, Specifically Designed Redundant Series Softening
    Antimony 6 ug/L Natural/Industrial Waste Coagulation, Reverse Osmosis
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  2. Custom Blend Media Filter Cartridges

      Contact WECO for Your Custom Blend Water Filter Cartridges

    • Available in a nearly limitless number of configurations, contact WECO to discuss your custom blend. Filters come standard in clear color. Quantity discounts available. Filters are individually labeled and boxed or without box and/or label upon request. 
    • An extended capacity option is available in white as standard or translu-cent for the 2½” x 9¾” sizes. Filters are individually labeled and boxed or without box and/or label upon request.
    • *Filtration media will react to the influent water chemistry and other factors. Effluent conditions (e.g. pH, hardness, TDS, aggressivity, odor and taste) may be impacted. Recommended peak flow rate and capacities are theoretical estimates only. Actual service flow rates may be significantly lower than the peak flow rate. Your results may vary
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