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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. General Water Treatment Q & A

    Which type of filter do I need?

    Nearly every water source can be improved with the right water filtration system. Even if your water is under tight federal oversight, it contains substances that cause unpleasant taste and odors.

    Whole House vs Undersink Filtration

    Whole House Water Treatment Options

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  2. Booster Pump Questions & Answers - Residential and Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis

    Do I need a booster pump?

    If you're running city water through your RO system, you probably don't need an additional booster pump. Municipalities try their best to maintain water pressure at individual homes at or above 50 PSI, which is exactly what your residential undersink or countertop reverse osmosis membrane requires.

    Dow Membrane Performance

    FILMTEC™ TW30-1812-100HR Pressure Rating

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