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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Benefits of Alkaline Water

    If you’re health-conscious you’ve heard about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.  Independent research is beginning to verify a link between drinking alkaline water and health benefits. At Montana State University, Dr. Dan Heil discovered that drinking alkaline water is beneficial to our health. Dr. Heil conducted an experiment comparing blood characteristics of people who drank alkaline water versus a group that consumed non-alkaline water. The test group that consumed alkaline drinking water had measurable increases in urine and blood pH during the second and third week of the experiment. Dr. Heil also found that the alkaline test group had higher levels of hydration. These positive changes reversed after the group started drinking non-alkaline water during the fourth week. The health benefits were observed only when alkaline water was consumed regularly. Our bodies try to maintain a neutral pH because it makes biochemical reactions run smoothly. However, our

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  2. The Importance of Water Filtration in Your Home

    Just about everyone is talking about the quality of their drinking water. But what is “good” drinking water? We hear about contaminated water supplies, chemical spills, bad tastes and odors but don’t understand what it all means. Unless you’re a water expert, it can be hard to understand what defines water quality. Not to worry! We’ll break it down into an easy to understand guide that will make you a well-informed consumer of drinking water.

    Let’s start by defining your water source. If you have a well your water is being pumped from an individual well located on your property. There is no federal or state oversight of your water supply. If you buy or sell the property there may be a requirement to have the well tested. You are responsible for the quality of your well water. All testing, conditioning and filtration is your responsibility.

    Municipal water sources are under the oversight of federal and state regulations. The water supply

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  3. Understanding the Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

    Homeowners express a variety water quality concerns ranging from aesthetics to contamination fears. It’s unfortunate that many people, out of frustration or ignorance, never find a suitable solution to their water worries. There is no reason to let “bad water” ruin your healthy lifestyle or damage your largest single investment-your home! Take a look at these common water-quality issues homeowners face every day:

    • Tap water that tastes and smells like a swimming pool, due to chlorine disinfectants
    • Discolored well water from tannins
    • Rotten egg odors from hydrogen sulfide
    • Premature water heater failure
    • Red stains in the sink, tub and toilet due to iron
    • Blue-green copper stains in the toilet and shower
    • Crusty hard-water mineral build-up on faucets and shower heads
    • Grit-clogged faucet aerators, dish washers and washing machines
    • Nitrate contamination in well water
    • Bad-tasting
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