If you’re health-conscious you’ve heard about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.  Independent research is beginning to verify a link between drinking alkaline water and health benefits. At Montana State University, Dr. Dan Heil discovered that drinking alkaline water is beneficial to our health. Dr. Heil conducted an experiment comparing blood characteristics of people who drank alkaline water versus a group that consumed non-alkaline water. The test group that consumed alkaline drinking water had measurable increases in urine and blood pH during the second and third week of the experiment. Dr. Heil also found that the alkaline test group had higher levels of hydration. These positive changes reversed after the group started drinking non-alkaline water during the fourth week. The health benefits were observed only when alkaline water was consumed regularly. Our bodies try to maintain a neutral pH because it makes biochemical reactions run smoothly. However, our diet and certain diseases can tilt the pH balance to the acidic range. It was reported in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2012), that alkaline water helped reverse ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin. It also improved the immune response and even made controlling of diabetes easier. The benefits of drinking alkaline water continue to be confirmed by scientific experiments. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (2016) reported that drinking alkaline water after hard work or exercise rehydrated the blood better than regular water. The test measured blood viscosity as a way of measuring rehydration. Drinking alkaline water improved recovery and rehydration significantly better than non-alkaline water.

How does alkaline water improve health?

The human body functions properly with a neutral blood pH.  Finely-tuned biochemical reactions are pH-dependent. pH regulation is a critical, self-regulating mechanism our bodies work at every second of every day. For example, we expel carbon dioxide to reduce the acidification of our blood. Alkaline water benefits out body by neutralizing acids that are linked to premature aging, acne troubles and skin damage due to exposure to the sun. Alkaline water appears to reduce harmful free radicals and inhibit the aging process. Many people claim they have better skin tone and a more-healthy look to their face.  Drinking alkaline water appears to aid in the break-down certain fat cells, assisting with weight loss. Although more research is needed, tests seem to show the anti-oxidant properties of alkaline water may even decrease the chances of certain cancers. Japanese researchers, in the journal Trends in Food Science & Technology (2012), believe that alkaline water reverses the negative “reactive oxygen species” associated with cancerous cells.  Other tests indicate alkaline water helps in maintaining natural lubricants needed to keep muscles and joints working smoothly.


How to make alkaline water

Making alkaline drinking water is easy with WECO reverse osmosis water filtration systems. WECO alkaline reverse osmosis systems include a special acid-neutralizing cartridge will provide a consistent, reliable source of purified, healthy alkaline drinking water for you home, business or anywhere refreshing alkaline water is desired.



The WECO HYDRA-75ALK Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System with pH Neutralizer Cartridge removes a variety of water contaminants including rust, sediment and sand along with taste and odor problems caused by chlorine disinfectants. Organic chemicals like solvents, gasoline derivatives and carcinogenic disinfection byproducts are adsorbed by the activated carbon solid block cartridge. The reverse osmosis filter strips out heavy metals including cadmium, lead and copper along with nitrate and fluoride. The reverse osmosis process lowers TDS and slightly lowers the pH. The pH neutralizer cartridge automatically raises the pH and adds calcium to the purified water. A final activated carbon polishing filter ensures the water is clean, clear and refreshing. The filtration system comes complete with pure water dispensing faucet and an under-counter water storage tank.


If you have a well, are concerned about parasites and bacteria contamination or want the most complete under-counter RO water purification system, the WECO VGRO-75ALK High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System with pH Neutralizer Filter is right for you! This RO system removes up to 99% of water contamination. The VGRO-75ALK removes particulates like grit, mineral oxides, and insect fragments along with chlorine disinfectants. A second 0.5-micron Pentek® CBC-10 carbon block filter further removes chloramine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides and carcinogenic impurities. The reverse osmosis system removes salts, heavy metals, nitrate, fluoride and lead. The pH neutralizer cartridge automatically raises the pH and adds calcium to the purified water. A granular activated polishing post-filter ensures great-tasting water. The last stage is ultraviolet (UV) disinfection with a Polaris Scientific UVA-1C disinfector. The UV light kills and inactivates bacteria, parasites, algae and other microbial contamination. The filtration system comes complete with pure water dispensing faucet and an under-counter water storage tank.


The WECO TINY-150ALK Compact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with pH Neutralizer Filter is designed to fit into tight spaces such as under the sink, in RVs, campers and other spaces that won’t accommodate a full-size water purification system. This four-stage water filtration systems uses the same high-efficiency water purification technology as the WECO HYDRA-75ALK, but in a compact configuration. The 30-micron polypropylene pre-filter removes sediment, rust particles, sand and other microscopic debris that can contaminate the water supply. The 5-micron solid-block activated carbon block cartridge eliminates chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes and odors, chemicals and carcinogenic disinfection byproducts. The encapsulated reverse osmosis filter uses an ultra-efficient membrane with a 1:1 ratio of waste to pure water production. The membrane removes metals like cadmium, lead, zinc and copper. Nitrate, sodium and fluoride are stripped out, reducing the TDS and improving the water quality. The GAC post filter scavenges out gasses and tastes for great-tasting water.


For more information about WECO filtration systems or if you would like to discuss your water quality issues, please contact one of our Certified Water Specialists.