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WECO NEXT-0948 Backwashing Filter with NEXT™Sand for Silt, Sediment & Turbidity Removal

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  • High filtration performance-3-5 micron removal. High capacity filtration throughout the entire nextsand bed depth provides more than twice the capacity of multimedia filtration.
  • High flow– 3-4 times that of multimedia with superior filtration. Long lasting media (>5 years) not consumed in the process.
  • RO Pretreatment–superior SDI reduction. Cooling Towers–unequalled Turbidity removal
  • Municipal Water Treatment, pressure and gravity filters–higher fl ow, lower pressure drop and superior filtration performance.

WECO KDF55-0948 Backwashing Filter With KDF®-55 For Chlorine Removal

Intuitive Microswitch Control Panel

Experience ease with our user-friendly control interface. Featuring familiar microswitch buttons - Clock, NEXT, UP, DOWN, and Backwash/Regenerate - all illuminated by a backlit display panel. Effortlessly navigate your system with precision and clarity.

High-Flow Stainless Flexible Connectors

Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, our high-flow corrugated flexible connectors offer significant cost reductions in both installation and maintenance. These vital FIP connectors eliminate the need for unions, ensuring seamless installations and accommodating tank expansion requirements.

Easy Service Bypass Valve

Conveniently service your backwash filter with the provided bypass valve, essential for media changeouts. Simply turn the red handle arrows to face each other to bypass the filter entirely, facilitating seamless maintenance procedures.

Flow-Controlled Drain Elbow: Easy Installation

The flow-controlled NPT male threaded drain elbow simplifies installation with its pivoting feature. Adjust the elbow to align with the drain line direction, ensuring effortless and precise installation.


US Low Current Adapter

US Low Current Adapter: 100-120V AC, 0.35A. 15ft cord for dry locations. Battery retains settings during outages.

Outdoor Dust Cover

Protect your controller from sun, water, and damage with this outdoor dust cover.

Vortech Technology

Vortech revolutionize water treatment, offering fluid media beds, and 30% lower backwash flow rates for cost-effective solutions.

Installation Manual

The installation manual provides detailed guidance on plumbing, code compliance, startup, valve options, and replacement parts.


The WECO Backwashing filter with next Sand is a specialized Point-Of-Entry (POE) system for municipal and well water supplies. next Sand consists of Clinoptilolite, which has superior performance properties over regular filter sand or multimedia combinations. next Sand is mined in the Western United States. The mineral is then precisely processed and graded to produce a hard, stable filter media with a high surface area and micro-porous character. This is a light-weight filtration media with many valuable functions and properties related to water treatment and remediation. next Sand media has a very high surface area which filters out particulate matter down to three microns. This is an ideal media to use for removing Totals Suspended Solids (TSS), turbidity and sediments like sand and oxidized mineral particles. next Sand also has a higher flow capacity, typically three to four times that of multimedia. This higher flow rate means a greater performance can be achieved from existing vessels when upgraded with next Sand. This filter media isn’t consumed in the filtration process. A simple periodic backwash will keep the media clean and operating efficiently for five years or more.

Ferrous iron is invisible in water until it reacts with oxygen and precipitates as ferric iron particles. Iron can foul water softeners and other ion-exchange resin filtration systems. Iron will also reduce the efficiency of reverse osmosis filtration systems. Iron particles clog shower heads and faucet aerators. Iron is known to foul and damage water-using industrial and medical equipment. Particles of suspended solids that include sand grains, mineral scale and biological contaminants like insect fragments will damage filtration systems, filter screens, automatic valves on boilers, commercial washing machines and food processing equipment.

The WECO backwashing filter consists of a Structural Poly Glass™ pressure tank and a Fleck 5810 XTR2 touch screen controller. Structural Poly Glass™ is the ideal filter media tank for residential and industrial water filtration and conditioning duty. The pressure tank also has an attractive stainless-steel outer jacket for good looks, and durability. This combination provides unmatched strength and chemical resistance for years of trouble-free service. The slim diameter makes installation easy in tight locations and does not take up a lot of floor space. The Fleck XTR2 controller is constructed of a fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability. It is non-corrosive and UV-resistant. The controller uses an optical sensor for precision cycle positioning. The Fleck XTR2 is easily programmed and user-friendly due to detailed screen descriptions, color LCD display, and familiar icons. The intuitive navigation is easy with the large, easy to see LCD screen. The controller has an internal memory that remembers your settings during a power failure. It also has a convenient Vacation Mode to save water when not in use. The password lock-out prevents unauthorized users from changing the settings. An audible alarm sounds if there is a controller error. Diagnostics can be downloaded via USB should the need arise. The Fleck XTR2 controller has feature rich diagnostics including:

Current Flow Rate
Peak Flow Rate (can be reset)
Totalizer (can be reset)
Last Regeneration
Daily usage for last four weeks
Software Version
Number of Regenerations
Regeneration Interval
Usage since last regeneration
Last program change

Water enters the top of the tank through the Fleck control valve and passes downward through the KDF-55 filter media, which removes impurities. The WECO backwashing filter will clean itself periodically by rinsing away impurities it has filtered from water. When the KDF-55 filter medium is saturated with contaminants, the control valve automatically starts the backwash process. The backwash procedure is an operation where water passes backward through the filter media at a fast flow rate. It enters the tank at the bottom through the riser tube, then flows upward through the filter medium, exiting at the control valve and sent to waste. The rapid, turbulent upward waterflow, in addition to flushing away particulate matter, loosens and resettles the media bed, preparing it for another filtration cycle. The treated and conditioned water enters the riser tube at the bottom of the mineral tank, passing upward and exiting the filter through the control valve.

The WECO backwashing filter with Katalox Light is available in a variety of sizes. The filter can be operated stand-alone or in conjunction with other filtration processes. Please contact WECO Technical Support for expert assistance sizing and configuring your filtration system.

Filter Media Certifications:

Filter Media Certifications:

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water Treatment
  • BS6920 certified

Controller Certifications:

  • Tested and Certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for Water Softener Performance.
  • Tested and Certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for Lead Free Compliance.

NSF Tank Certifications:

  • Safety factor: 4:1
  • Minimum burst at 600 psi
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage
Vessels tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF/ANSI Std. 44 for material safety and structural integrity requirements and Std. 372 for low lead compliance.

Residential tanks 6"-16" in
diameter are Certified to NSF 44

  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  • Maximum operating temperature: 120° F


  • Valve Material Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Inlet/Outlet 1"
  • Cycles 3-5


  • Downflow/Upflow Both
  • Adjustable Cycles Yes
  • Time Available XTR2: 0-240 minutes per cycle


  • Continuous (15 psi drop) 36 GPM
  • Cv (flow at 1 psi drop) 5.4
  • Max. Backwash (25 psi drop) 28 GPM


  • Meter Accuracy .25 - 15 GPM +/-5%
  • Meter Capacity Range (gal.) LXT: volume calculated XTR2: 1-99,999,999


Model Maximum Service
Flow (gpm)
Tank Size Diameter
Minimum Backwash
Rate (gpm)
KDF®-55 Process Media
Bed Depth (Inches) Weight (lbs) Volume (cu. ft.)
KDF55- 0635 3 6 x 35 4.0 10 28.5 0.16
KDF55- 0735 4 7 x 35 4.0 11 42.8 0.25
KDF55- 0840 5.5 8 x 40 4.0 12 57.0 0.60
KDF55- 0948 6 9 x 48 4.5 13 85.5 1.0
KDF55- 1054 8 10 x 54 5.6 14 114.0 1.5
KDF55- 1252 9.6 12 x 52 8.0 16 171.0 2.0
KDF55- 1354 10.3 13 x 54 9.0 17 222.0 2.5
KDF55- 1465 13.1 14 x 65 10.9 18 285.0 3.5
KDF55- 1665 17.1 16 x 65 14.3 20 339.0 4.5

Control Head Installation

KDF®-55 Process Medium

Recommended Setup

Professional Plumbing Support Recommended for Installation

Water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixtures if not properly installed. User must check all fittings for tightness. WECO assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

Filtering Well Water?

Prior to placing an order, provide us with a comprehensive water quality analysis of your private well for a customized solution.

Alternatively, choose our basic well water test kit, and we will conduct the test on your behalf

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