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WECO SEDFLUSH-075 Self-Cleaning Whole House Filter System for Sediment Removal - ¾ Inch

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  • A revolutionary design that allows for the addition of a simple auto-mated purge timer.
  • High capacity and high flow rates make the “SEDFLUSH” your first choice for simple particulate filtration, rated at 90μ.
  • Self-cleaning water filter with counter-current washing self-cleaning system.
  • Anti-pollution from reflux drain system.
  • Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113° F).
  • The SEDFLUSH filter assemblies include a blowdown ball valve, wrench, bracket kit and a code compliant backflow preventer.

WECO SEDFLUSH Auto Purge Whole House Filter System

The cleaning operations are simple and within reach for everyone: they can take place manually by opening the drain ball valve at the bottom of the filter, or automatically, thanks to the dedicated kit auto. Process efficiency is guaranteed by the drain system designed to block reflux of the ejected water.

SEDFLUSH Sediment Filter & Flush System

Standard Features


  • Female NPT Threaded
  • 1/2" Drain

Materials of Construction

  • Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water.
  • Head: reinforced polypropylene.
  • Bowl: PET.
  • O-ring: EPDM.
  • Breather-valve: body stainless steel, o-ring EPDM.
  • Discharge ball-valve: CW 617 N brass nickel plated.
  • Drain funnel: reinforced polypropylene.


  • 2 x AAA Batteries

Operating Limits

  • Min. working pressure 26 psi (1.8 bar)
  • Max. water temperature 113°F (45°C)


Models Ports (in) Drain(in) Screen Size (microns) Peak Flow (GPM) Replacement Cartridge
In Out
SEDFLUSH-075 3/4 3/4 1/2 90 22 PP90MSED
SEDFLUSH-100 1 1 1/2 90 26 PP90MSED
SEDFLUSH-150 1.5 1.5 1/2 90 50 PP90MSED
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You're reviewing: WECO SEDFLUSH-075 Self-Cleaning Whole House Filter System for Sediment Removal - ¾ Inch
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