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WECO VGRO-75 High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System

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  • Premium 5 micron sediment pre-filter removes sediment, rust and other microscopic debris
  • 5-micron solid carbon block cartridge and 0.5 micron carbon block filter remove chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides and carcinogenic impurities
  • Pentair® GRO high efficiency TFC reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of water contaminants like lead, nitrate, fluoride and mercury, even in high TDS water
  • NSF-certified brushed nickel lead-free faucet
  • Granular activated in-line post-filter polishes the water to crystal clear perfection
  • Constructed with FDA and NSF certified materials
  • Easy to install kit includes water storage tank and pure water dispensing faucet
  • Manufactured and tested in the USA


The WECO VGRO reverse osmosis filtration system is the ideal water purification filter for home, office, health clubs, juice bars, coffee shops or anywhere safe, fresh-tasting water is needed. The WECO reverse osmosis system uses separate individual stages of water filtration to create pure, refreshing drinking water. The process starts by pre-filtering the water through a 5 micron sediment filter. Prefiltration removes tiny particles that can get into the water supply. These include iron oxide (rust), silt, sand grains and insect parts. This filtering stage protects your family from drinking sediment and prevents the filtration system from clogging. The sediment pre-filter is contained in a clear, see-through filter housing, making it easy for you to see when the filter needs to be replaced. No need to guess! At the 2nd stage, a 5 micron activated carbon block filter cartridge filters chlorine taste and odor. Next, water flows through a 0.5-micron activated carbon block cartridge. This compressed activated carbon block filter removes taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and rotten-egg (hydrogen sulfide) and musty odors. The chlorine disinfection process is known to create cancer-causing byproducts in the water. These carcinogens, called THMs, are removed by the activated carbon block filter. The carbon cartridge also removes organic contaminants like herbicides, insecticides and industrial chemicals that seep into groundwater. But that’s not all. The next filtration stage involves the reverse osmosis (RO) process. Tap water is “squeezed” through a special Thin Film Composite (TFC) semi-permeable membrane. Heavy metals, like lead, cadmium and mercury, are removed while purified water passes through. The RO process also removes salts, nitrate, fluoride, radon and benzene. The reverse osmosis membrane features outstanding efficiency. Other reverse osmosis filters can waste up to 10 gallons of water for every gallon of pure water made. The Pentair GRO encapsulated high-performance RO membrane produces only one gallon of waste water for each gallon of purified water. This saves you money, reduces waste water, conserves resources and helps the environment. For the final stage of purification the water flows through granular activated carbon (GAC) in-line post filter. This acts as a polishing filter, removing any traces of tastes, odors or gasses, for crystal clear, sparkling drinking water.

The WECO reverse osmosis filtration system also includes a pressurized water storage tank and a brushed nickel designer faucet for dispensing the purified water. WECO reverse osmosis systems use NSF-certified (Standard 61, Section 9) lead-free dispensing faucets. The faucets look attractive, fit into any decor and are certified lead-free to protect you, your family and pets. As the filtration system makes purified water, it fills the storage tank (up to 3 gallons at a time). The storage tank sends purified water to the designer faucet. Your regular sink faucet will provide unfiltered water for washing dishes and cleaning. The designer faucet provides only purified water for drinking, cooking, washing vegetables and pets. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in the taste of coffee, tea, iced drinks, fitness and sports drinks and more!

The WECO filtration system is pre-assembled can be installed with simple hand tools. We recommend installation by a licensed plumber to insure adherence to all local codes. Routine replacement of the filter cartridges is recommended to maintain filter performance. Replacement cartridges are available from WECO.


  • Under-counter in kitchens or bathrooms
  • Office break rooms
  • Health clubs, coffee shops, yoga studios
  • Vacation homes, condominiums, cabins, RVs
  • Lead, fluoride, radon and nitrate concerns
  • Ideal for anyone health-conscious and concerned about drinking water quality

Filter Cartridges

Pentek® WP-5 polypropylene string wound 5-micron pre-filter removes sediment, rust and other microscopic debris.
Pentek® CFB-Plus10 Fibredyne™ 5-micron solid carbon block cartridge filter remove chlorine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides and carcinogenic impurities
Pentek® CBC-10 0.5 micron carbon block filter remove chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides and carcinogenic impurities.
Pentair GRO High Efficiency Encapsulated TFC reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of water contaminants like lead, nitrate, fluoride and mercury, even in high TDS water.
Pentek® GS-10RO granular activated in-line post-filter polishes the water to crystal clear perfection.

Pentair® GRO High Recovery Membrane Technology

Pentair's GRO integrates a 100% dry membrane to help maximize its lifespan and provide enhanced performance to the end user. The GRO boasts a 50% recovery rate while maintaining a retrofit-able design for easy integration.


Water Supply Connection uses metPure Universal EZ RO Adapter that fits both 1/2” and 3/8” supply stops.

Use the color coded tubing to make the following connections:

  • The WHITE tubing connects the water supply adapter to the inlet side.
  • The BLUE tubing connects the faucet to the outlet side.
  • The BLACK tubing connects to the drain clamps.
  • The YELLOW tubing connects the storage tank to the inlet side of the postcarbon.

Contaminants Removed

Available Pressurized Storage Tanks

Tank Specifications

Models Total Capacity ≈ Usable Capacity Diameter (in) Height (in) Connector Size Color
Gal Liter Gal Liter
1 3.8 0.6 2.3 6 9 ¼" MNPT White
2 7.6 1.2 4.5 6 12 ¼" MNPT White
3 11.4 1.8 6.8 9 16 ¼" MNPT White
4.5 17 2.8 10.6 11 16 ¼" MNPT White
6 22.7 3.6 13.6 12 17 ¼" MNPT White
10 37.9 6 22.7 12 22 ¼" MNPT White
14 52.9 8.4 31.7 16 25 ¼" MNPT White
14 52.9 8.4 31.7 16 25 ¾ " MNPT Blue
20 80 14 53 16 31 ¾" MNPT Blue

Contaminants Reduced from Activated Carbon and Reverse Osmosis Combined Filtration

Chlorine Magnesium Silver Radioactivity Nitrate Boron Protozoa
Chloramine Potassium Zinc Chromium-6 Fluoride Arsenic (3+) Ameobic
Color Iron Strontium Chromium-3 Phosphate Arsenic (5+) Cysts
Odor Manganese Cadmium Lead Chromate Selenium Turbidity
Sodium Calcium Nickel Chloride Cyanide Barium Asbestos
Aluminum Copper Mercury Bicarbonate Sulfate Sediment Bacteria and more…

Specifications & Operating Limits

Max. Filtered Water Flow (gpm) 0.75
Max. Hardness 10 Grains @ 6.9 pH
Max. TDS (ppm) 2000
Automatic Shut-Off Yes
Filter Life

6 Months or 900 gallons for pre-filters

12 Months or 1500 gallons for post filter

24 Months for membrane

Feed Water pH Limits 4-10
Feed Water Pressure (psi) 40 Min - 125 Max.
Feed Water Temperature 40-100 °F
Fittings 1/4" - Push to Connect
Plumbing Connections 1/4" Inlet – 1/4" Outlet
Water Inlet Valve 1/2" & 3/8" NPT ball valve adaptor
Filtered Water Output 75 gal/day
Storage Tank Capacity (gals.) 3.2* (*Theoretical tank capacity. When tested according to NSF/ANSI 58 at 50 PSIG inlet pressure, tank capacity is 2.3 gallons)
Pre/Post Filter Life 1500 Gallons
Color Appearance White
Faucet Color Brushed Nickel
Filter Housing White/Clear
Installation Undercounter Kit Included
Unit Color White
System Mounting Orientation Floor Standing or Wall Mount
Weights & Dimensions
Overall Depth 5.5 in
Overall Height 17.0 in
Overall Width 16.0 in
Tank Dimensions (H X W X D) 16 x 11 x 11 in (smaller tanks available on request)
Approximate Shipping Weight 25.0 lb
Net Weight 23.0 lb
Icemaker Connection Kit IM25EZ (Available at Additional Cost)
Installation Kit Included
Replacement Filters VGRO-SET5-75 (Pre, Post & Membrane)
Replacement Membrane GRO-75
Parts Warranty Limited 1-year
App Filter - Product Type Filtration Reverse Osmosis
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