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WECO NTO-1354 Backwashing Filter with Nano Titanium Oxide for Reduction of Arsenic & Heavy Metals

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    • NTO media reduces arsenic III and V plus a wide variety of heavy metals and other contaminants including Lead, Cadmium, Cop-per, Chromium+6 , Selenium, Uranium, Antimony and Zinc. No chemicals needed.
    • Heavy-duty components for commercial and residential applications.
    • System automatically backwashes as needed.
    • Touch screen control valve.
    • Can be combined with other WECO filtration systems.

WECO NTO Backwashing Filter with Nano Titanium Oxide for Reduction of Arsenic & Heavy Metals

The WECO Backwashing filter with Nano Titanium Oxide resin is a Point-Of-Entry (POE) arsenic removal system for municipal and well water supplies. NTO is a highly porous hybrid anion ion exchange resin infused with iron oxide for efficient removal of arsenic. The porous bead structure maximizes the efficiency of the infused iron reaction with arsenic. Superior bead strength prevents the formation of fines during the loading and service cycles. Pressure drop remains low and backwashing requirements are minimized. This reduces water use and prevents arsenic-laden fine discharge into the sewer. WECO backwashing filters are available in a variety of sizes. Please consult with WECO Technical Support for assistance in selecting the proper size filter to meet your water purification requirements.

Arsenic is a natural component of the earth’s crust and is widely distributed throughout the environment in the air, water and land. It is highly toxic in its inorganic form. People are commonly exposed to elevated levels of inorganic arsenic by drinking contaminated water and using contaminated water in food preparation. Long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic, mainly through drinking of contaminated water, eating of food prepared with this water can lead to chronic arsenic poisoning. Skin lesions and skin cancer are the most characteristic effects. Arsenic is also linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes and infant mortality, poor childhood health, and there is some evidence of negative impacts on cognitive development.

The WECO backwashing filter consists of a Structural Poly Glass™ pressure tank and a Fleck 5810 XTR2 touch screen controller. Structural Poly Glass™ is the ideal filter media tank for residential and industrial water filtration and conditioning duty. The pressure tank has an attractive stainless-steel outer jacket for good looks, and durability. This combination provides unmatched strength and chemical resistance for years of trouble-free service. The slim diameter makes installation easy in tight locations and does not take up a lot of floor space. The Fleck XTR2 controller is constructed of a fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability. It is non-corrosive and UV-resistant. The controller uses an optical sensor for precision cycle positioning. The controller is easily programmed and user-friendly due to detailed screen descriptions, color LCD display, and familiar icons. The intuitive navigation is easy with a large LCD screen. The controller has an internal memory that remembers your settings during a power failure. It has a convenient Vacation Mode to save water when not in use. The password lock-out prevents unauthorized users from changing the settings. An audible alarm sounds if there is a controller error. Diagnostics can be downloaded via USB should the need arise. The Fleck XTR2 controller has feature rich diagnostics including:

  • Current Flow Rate
  • Peak Flow Rate (can be reset)
  • Totalizer (can be reset)
  • Last Regeneration
  • Daily usage for last four weeks
  • Software Version
  • Number of Regenerations
  • Regeneration Interval
  • Usage since last regeneration
  • Last program change

Water enters the top of the tank through the Fleck control valve and passes downward through the Nano Titanium Oxide filter media. The WECO backwashing filter will clean itself periodically by rinsing away solid impurities that can plug the resin bed. The control valve automatically starts the backwash process. The backwash procedure is an operation where water passes backward through the filter media at a fast flow rate. It enters the tank at the bottom through the riser tube, then flows upward through the filter medium, exiting at the control valve and sent to waste. The rapid, turbulent upward waterflow, in addition to flushing away particulate matter, loosens and resettles the media bed, preparing it for another filtration cycle. The treated and conditioned water enters the riser tube at the bottom of the mineral tank, passing upward and exiting the filter through the control valve.

When an iron reduction system is installed ahead of an arsenic reduction system, Katalox Light® is the pre-ferred choice as it will help convert trivalent arsenic to pentavalent arsenic to enhance removal at subsequent treatment steps. Where the iron level is at least 20 times the arsenic level, indirect removal of arsenic is likely through adsorption to the ferric hydroxide parti-cles created during iron removal (co-precipitation), so a dedicated arsenic filter may not require a redundant unit. Follow-up testing should be done to confirm satis-factory arsenic reduction across both units.

Operational Parameters

Design Parameters

  • Service Flow: ≈5-10 gpm ft²
  • EBCT: ≈1.5-3 minutes
  • Backwash Rate: ≈4-5 gpm ft²
  • Recommended Freeboard: 50%

Control Valve Features

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Auxiliary Relays for Equipment Control
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • USB Connect


  • Iron and Manganese: Reduce iron to <0.3ppm and manganese to <0.05 ppm
  • Sediment: Pre-treat system with a 25μ or smaller filtration
  • Hardness: Hardness is beneficial to NTO, install softeners after if needed
  • pH: pH levels should be below 8.2 for effective and satisfactory media performance
  • Oxidants: Oxidants need to be removed prior to NTO

Contaminant Reduction

  • NTO media reduces arsenic III and V plus a wide variety of heavy metals and other contaminants including Lead, Cadmium, Cop-per, Chromium+6 , Selenium, Uranium, Antimony and Zinc. No chemicals needed.
Arsenic Removal with Nano Titanium Oxide


Model Maximum Service Flow (gpm) Tank Size (inches) Minimum Backwash Rate (gpm) Nano Titanium Oxide Process Media
Bed Depth (Inches) Weight (lbs) Volume (cu. ft.)
NTO-0948 4.4 (1 bath) 9 x 48 2.2 13 85.5 1.0
NTO-1054 5.3 (1 bath) 10 x 54 2.7 14 114.0 1.5
NTO-1252 7.9 (2 bath) 12 x 52 4.0 16 171.0 2.0
NTO-1354 9.2 (3 bath) 13 x 54 4.6 17 222.0 2.5
NTO-1465 10.6 (4 bath) 14 x 65 5.3 18 285.0 3.5
NTO-1665 13.7 (5 bath) 16 x 65 6.9 20 339.0 4.5

Professional Plumbing Support recommended for Installation

Water pressure can cause leaks and damage the surrounding building or fixture if not properly installed. User mustcheck all fittings for tightness. WECO assumes no responsibility for water damage due to leaks.

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