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WECO CALC-1354 Backwashing Filter with Calcite & Magnesia for pH Neutralization

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  • Proprietary blend of natural crushed and screened white marble calcite media combined with processed hard bead magnesia neutralizes acidic water and raise the pH.
  • Automated backwashing valve, calcite distributor and support bedding prevents cementing of media, reclassifies the bed and restores high service flow rates.
  • Prevents damage to plumbing, boilers and manufacturing equipment.
  • Stops lead, copper and iron leaching from pipes and solder due to low water pH.
  • Eliminates blue, green and red stains in sinks, tubs and showers.
  • Improves water clarity, removes tubidity.
  • Dome hole, included funnel and natural color-translucent tank simplifies the periodic replenishment of media.

The CALC Backwashing filter with calcite & magnesia a Point-Of-Entry (POE) pH-control system for municipal and well water supplies. Calcite is natural crystalline calcium carbonate. It is the main mineral component in limestone, chalk, and marble. For acidic water treatment, calcite is crushed and screened to create a loose media suitable for use in a backwash filter. The hard composition and irregular granular shape of the calcite particles provides an extensive surface area that reacts with the acidic water. Acids are neutralized by reacting with the carbonates in calcite. The granular calcite also traps suspended solids in the media bed and reduces turbidity. Magnesia is a specially processed hard bead media, adapted for use in filters where the pH correction is substantial or high water service flow rates are needed. The CALC neutralization process adds some calcium/magnesium hardness to the water. Therefore, CALC neutralization treatment should be applied ahead of water softening. Calcite will also reduce some ferric and ferrous iron in the water supply.


Acidic water causes problems with manufacturing processes, commercial food preparation, beverage formulation and leaching of lead and heavy metals like copper from pipes. For homeowners, building managers and health institutions, acid water causes blue and green staining in sinks, toilets and bathtubs due to copper leaching. Iron pipes will react with acid water and cause red stains. The metals also give the water a metallic taste. Residential and commercial laundries can experience fabric staining and customer complaints from acidic water. Corrosion of plastic PVC plumbing components is also possible resulting in the release of harmful amounts of vinyl chloride into drinking water. Acidic water also causes leaks in plumbing by slowly dissolving the inside of the pipes and fittings.


The CALC backwashing filter consists of a dome hole equipped mineral tank and a water flow controller valve. This combination provides unmatched strength and chemical resistance for years of trouble-free service. The slim diameter makes installation easy in tight locations and does not take up a lot of floor space.


Water enters the top of the tank through the control valve and passes downward through the calcite filter media, which removes impurities. The WECO backwashing filter will clean itself periodically by rinsing away impurities it has filtered from water. When the CALC filter medium neutralizes acids, it slowly gets smaller. The control valve automatically starts the backwash process, rinsing away fines and collected particulate matter. The backwash procedure is an operation where water passes backward through the filter media at a fast flow rate. It enters the tank at the bottom through the riser tube, then flows upward through the filter medium, exiting at the control valve and sent to waste. The rapid, turbulent upward waterflow, in addition to flushing away particulate matter, loosens and resettles the media bed, preparing it for another filtration cycle. The treated and conditioned water enters the riser tube at the bottom of the mineral tank, passing upward and exiting the filter through the control valve.

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UPC 810388030274
Model Maximum Service Flow (gpm) Tank Size Diameter (inches) Minimum Backwash Rate (gpm) A300 Process Media
Bed depth (inches) Weight (lbs) Volume (cu. ft.)
A300E - 0635 3 6 x 35 6 10 28.5 0.16
A300E - 0735 4 7 x 35 8 11 42.8 0.25
A3000E - 0840 5.5 8 x 40 10 12 57.0 0.33
A300E - 0948 6 9 x 48 12 13 85.5 0.50
A300E - 1054 8 10 x 54 16 14 114.0 0.66
A300E - 1252 11 12 x 52 22 16 171.0 1.04
A300E - 1354 13 13 x 54 26 17 222.0 1.30
A300E - 1465 15 14 x 65 30 18 285.0 1.60
A300E - 1665 20 16 x 65 40 20 339.0 2.33
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