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WECO AWC201 Faucet Mount Water Filter

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  • Multi-stage drinking water purification system for home and office
  • Eliminates taste and odor problems caused by chlorine disinfection chemicals
  • Removes chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hormones and other harmful substances that contaminate well and municipal water supplies.
  • Removes sediment, rust particles, insect fragments and other gritty contamination
  • Solid activated carbon block cartridge adsorbs toxic radon, industrial solvents and pesticides
  • Attractive filter design matches any décor in your home, office, or RV
  • Easy screw-on adapter connects to any faucet!
  • Portable filtration system can travel with you-take it anywhere
  • Easy installation

The WECO AWC201 Faucet Mount Water Filter is a universal faucet mount filter that is both attractive and an effective water purification system. The filter uses a compressed activated carbon block cartridge wrapped in a polyolefin prefilter layer. The coconut shell activated carbon is refined and compressed into a high-surface area adsorption filter cartridge. Fine sediment particles of rust, sand, mineral scale and even insect parts that infiltrate water supplies are trapped and removed by the prefilter. This protects you and keeps debris out of coffee makers, tea pots and prepared foods. Next water flows through premium coconut shell activated carbon. Chlorinated water reacts with natural organic compounds in water, causing the formation of cancer-causing byproducts called trihalomethanes (THMs). The WECO AWC201 Faucet Mount Water Filter removes carcinogenic THMs along with hundreds of other contaminants like pesticides, radon, pharmaceutical drugs and industrial chemicals that infiltrate groundwater. Off flavors and odors caused by natural organic compounds (geosmin, tannins, algae) are eliminated, providing you with great-tasting water for everyone in the household.

The WECO AWC201 Faucet Mount Water Filter turns regular tap water into clean, refreshing drinking water your entire family will enjoy. You’ll notice coffee, tea, fitness drinks, weight-loss mixes and other beverages immediately taste better. Even your pets will thank you for the chlorine-free water! Switching to the WECO Faucet Mount Filter ensures you and your family are drinking purified water free of contamination. While the WECO Faucet Mount Filter easily installs on the kitchen faucet, and is also suitable for the bathroom, workplace break room, and travel trailer.

The WECO AWC201 Faucet Mount Water Filter comes ready to use and requires no plumbing modifications. The filter installs in minutes. Just by flipping a lever you can select between filtered water for drinking, pets and food preparation or unfiltered tap water for cleaning and dishwashing. The installation is simple and non-permanent. You can remove the filter at any time and take it with you. Changing the filter cartridge is easy and requires no tools. Genuine RF-AWC201 filter cartridges are available from WECO.

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