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WECO SOFT-URX Combination Anion/Cation Softener for Treating Water Hardness and Uranium

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  • Prior to purchase, please reach out to WECO with your water analysis and flow requirements for customization.
  • WECO requires a comprehensive water report, including data on Arsenic, Nitrates, Uranium, Radium, Total Coliform, Coliform, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Manganese, pH, Alkalinity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Hardness, Silica, Chloride, and Sodium.
  • The SOFT-URX is a cation and anion exchange resin system housed in a single tank, sharing brine during regeneration.
  • Cation resin addresses water hardness, preventing mineral scale build-up on plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and shower doors.
  • Anion resin is effective in treating uranium in well water.


Customized Cation + Anion Resin units are crafted in a single tank. Each unit is equipped with an upflow regeneration control valve to address resin fouling, a common issue in mixed resin designs. The upper chamber employs high-grade cation resin for water softening before entering the anion chamber. Purchase of CAT+AN units is contingent upon a water report consultation with a WQA certified water specialist.

All systems come with 1” plastic threaded connectors. Many other connector options available.
Models Flow Rate (GPM) Media Volume (cu.ft) Approx. Weight (lbs) Height (in) Connector Size Media Tank Size (in) Brine Tank Size (in)
Service Peak Cation Anion (uranium)
SOFT-URX-1054 2 20 1.25 0.5 265 69 Multiple Options Available 10 x 54 18 x 40
SOFT-URX-1354 4 20 1.75 1 275 69 1" MNPT 13 x 54 24 x 40

Components/Equipment must be professionally code compliant installed to a potable water supply. Water temperature must be limited to 40-110°F, pressure regulated at 26-80 psi, with appropriate redundant leak protection. Install vacuum breakers and flexible connectors as needed. Not to be used as primary treatment for hazardous or critical applications. Due to water chemistry and inconsistency, pilot testing is recommended.

Monitor performance with appropriate warning/shut off device. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before and/or after. Pre-treat influent for contaminants and sediment, apply sufficient back wash/rinse at start-up and protect effluent from potential media loss. Prices/info subject to change without notice.

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You're reviewing: WECO SOFT-URX Combination Anion/Cation Softener for Treating Water Hardness and Uranium
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