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WECO KCR-3900 Series 3" Pipe | Progressive Flow Commercial Water Softeners

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  • Progressive flow softener system provide uninterrupted flow of soft water 24/7, round-the-clock, easily accommodating erratic flow demands.
  • Inlet/outlet 3" pipes.
  • Treated water regeneration eliminates hardwater carryover. This feature is a huge plus over traditional single tank softeners and therefor improves the efficiency of the regeneration process, allowing for less salt to be used.
  • Recommended for laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels/motels, apartment complexes, boilers, reverse osmosis plants
  • System 14 configuration is similar to twin alternating softeners but easier to plumb in, costs slightly more but more versatile due to dual meters.
  • Kindly be aware that our commercial systems are customized according to your specific requirements and once purchased, the sales are considered final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or issue refunds. The media will be shipped separately, unloaded, and accompanied by a funnel. Should you require additional information such as system specifications, owners manuals, or estimates, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • We offer the flexibility to customize our systems according to your preferences, including options such as side mounting, hot water capabilities, and a wide range of tank sizes and other available features.

KCR-3900 Series 3" Pipe Commercial Progressive Water Softener System

The KCR-3900 series stands out as the preferred choice for applications that prioritize efficiency and quality, thanks to its industry-standard progressive flow design. This design ensures exceptional efficiency and enables high flow rates, delivering superior performance for various needs.

Standard Features
Stainless Steel Meter
  • Strength and durability. Non corrosive.
  • As defined in the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act; the product also meets California Proposition 65 Standards
Intelligent Controller
  • State-of-the-art control head designed for commercial/industrial water applications requiring high flow rates.
  • Designed for multiple tank systems. No hard water bypass.
  • Fully automated performance.
Responsive Flow
  • One softener unit always in service. If demand causes flow rates to increase, softener in standby go into service. Multiple softeners capture peak flow rates.
Simple Connections
  • 3" Female NPT ports
  • Easier to plumb in than twin softeners, costs slightly more but more versatile due to dual meters.
  • Installation & operation manual included.
  • Demand flow captures low and high flow rates effectively.
  • Ability to use smaller tanks and still meet the flow requirements compared with regular tank softeners.
  • Typical media replacement every 5 - 7 years* (depends on water chemistry).
  • Low operational costs.
  • Laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels, luxury apartments, hospitals, doctors offices.
  • Pre-treatment for heavy use fixtures such as hot water tanks, appliances, boilers, RO systems.
Operating Limits
  • Operating Pressure 30-100 PSI
  • Water Temperature 35-100 °F
  • (Contact us for heated water applications)
  • Power Supply 120 VAC 60 Hz Single Phase 2 amps
  • Standard Pelletized or Solar Salt, 99% Pure
Palletized Freight
  • Ships with media NOT loaded. Refer to installation & startup instructions for media loading procedure.
  • Brine tank, PVC vacuum breaker included.
Palletized Freight

We recommend installation by a licensed plumber or well technician adhering to local plumbing codes.

Models Resin Media Volume / Tank (cu.ft) Mineral Tank Dimensions (in) Service Flow (GPM) Peak Flow (GPM) Brine Tank Dimensions(in)
KCR-3900-2162 12 21 x 62 7-48 72 24 x 50
KCR-3900-2438 8 24 x 38 9-62 62 24 x 41
KCR-3900-2460 14 24 x 60 9-62 94 24 x 50
KCR-3900-2472 18 24 x 72 9-62 94 24 x 60
KCR-3900-3072 28 30 x 72 15-98 147 30 x 60
KCR-3900-3657 24 36 x 57 21-141 210 30 x 60
KCR-3900-3672 36 36 x 72 21-141 200 24 x 60
KCR-3900-4272 50 42 x 72 29-192 220 42 x 60
KCR-3900-4872 60 48 x 72 38-251 230 50 x 60
KCR-3900-6386 100 63 x 86 65-240 240 50 x 60
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