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WECO KCR Series: Commercial Twin Water Softener with 3" Pipe and Progressive Flow, Pre-Plumbed Skidded Configuration - Made in U.S.A.

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  • Ensure uninterrupted soft water flow 24/7 with the progressive flow twin softener system, adept at handling erratic flow demands.
  • Features 3" inlet/outlet pipes pre-plumbed in a custom metal skid, proudly made in California, USA.
  • Treated water regeneration eliminates hard water carryover, enhancing efficiency over traditional single tank softeners, requiring less salt usage.
  • Ideal for various applications including laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, boilers, and reverse osmosis plants.
  • System 14 configuration offers ease of plumbing akin to twin alternating softeners, with added versatility due to dual meters.
  • Please note, our commercial systems are tailored to your specific needs, and sales are final with no returns, exchanges, or refunds; media included but shipped separately.
  • For further information, including system specifications, owner's manuals, or estimates, feel free to reach out.
  • Customize your system with options like side mounting, hot water capabilities, and a range of tank sizes, control valves, pre & post treatment and other features to suit your preferences.

KCR-3900 Series 3" Pipe Commercial Progressive Water Softener System

The KCR-3900 series stands out as the preferred choice for applications that prioritize efficiency and quality, thanks to its industry-standard progressive flow design. This design ensures exceptional efficiency and enables high flow rates, delivering superior performance for various needs.

Standard Features
Stainless Steel Meter
  • Strength and durability. Non corrosive.
  • As defined in the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act; the product also meets California Proposition 65 Standards
Intelligent Controller
  • State-of-the-art control head designed for commercial/industrial water applications requiring high flow rates.
  • Designed for multiple tank systems. No hard water bypass.
  • Fully automated performance.
Responsive Flow
  • One softener unit always in service. If demand causes flow rates to increase, softener in standby go into service. Multiple softeners capture peak flow rates.
Simple Connections
  • 3" Female NPT ports
  • Easier to plumb in than twin softeners, costs slightly more but more versatile due to dual meters.
  • Installation & operation manual included.
  • Demand flow captures low and high flow rates effectively.
  • Ability to use smaller tanks and still meet the flow requirements compared with regular tank softeners.
  • Typical media replacement every 5 - 7 years* (depends on water chemistry).
  • Low operational costs.
  • Laundries, car washes, restaurants, hotels, luxury apartments, hospitals, doctors offices.
  • Pre-treatment for heavy use fixtures such as hot water tanks, appliances, boilers, RO systems.
Operating Limits
  • Operating Pressure 30-100 PSI
  • Water Temperature 35-100 °F
  • (Contact us for heated water applications)
  • Power Supply 120 VAC 60 Hz Single Phase 2 amps
  • Standard Pelletized or Solar Salt, 99% Pure
Palletized Freight
  • Ships with media NOT loaded. Refer to installation & startup instructions for media loading procedure.
  • Brine tank, PVC vacuum breaker included.
Palletized Freight

We recommend installation by a licensed plumber or well technician adhering to local plumbing codes.

Models Resin Media Volume / Tank (cu.ft) Mineral Tank Dimensions (in) Service Flow (GPM) Peak Flow (GPM) Brine Tank Dimensions(in)
KCR-3900-2162 12 21 x 62 7-48 72 24 x 50
KCR-3900-2438 8 24 x 38 9-62 62 24 x 41
KCR-3900-2460 14 24 x 60 9-62 94 24 x 50
KCR-3900-2472 18 24 x 72 9-62 94 24 x 60
KCR-3900-3072 28 30 x 72 15-98 147 30 x 60
KCR-3900-3657 24 36 x 57 21-141 210 30 x 60
KCR-3900-3672 36 36 x 72 21-141 200 24 x 60
KCR-3900-4272 50 42 x 72 29-192 220 42 x 60
KCR-3900-4872 60 48 x 72 38-251 230 50 x 60
KCR-3900-6386 100 63 x 86 65-240 240 50 x 60
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You're reviewing: WECO KCR Series: Commercial Twin Water Softener with 3" Pipe and Progressive Flow, Pre-Plumbed Skidded Configuration - Made in U.S.A.
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