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WECO Float Conversion Kit for Atmospheric Tanks - ⅜ Quick Connect

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  • Conversion kit safeguards your reverse osmosis (RO) system feeding the atmospheric tank from hydraulic shocks resulting from sudden stop of the water flow caused by the mechanical float valve, when the tank has filled up. 
  • Reduces reverse osmosis pump cycling.
  • Includes a ¼ gallon pump accumulator tank (30 PSI pre-charge), float valve with 1/2" bulkhead fittings and quick connect fittings for ⅜" RO tubing.
  • Compatible with WECO HydroSense, AQUA-TITAN, ULE, NF nanofiltration/ reverse osmosis water purification systems and standard light commercial filter systems.

A closing mechanical float creates a hydraulic shock wave which propagates in the tubing and cause damage to the pressure sensors, fittings and gauges and pumps in the reverse osmosis system feeding an atmospheric storage tank. Use the float conversion kit with our reverse osmosis systems to protect them from water hammering and reduce RO pump cycling. Compatible with most light commercial RO systems including WECO HydroSense, CLARA, AQUA-TITAN, ULE and NF series nanofiltration systems.

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