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WECO BB-10GAC Big Blue Water Filter System for Taste and Odor Treatment

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  • Granular activated carbon multimedia cartridge coupled with Pentek® Big Blue 10" sump with 1" FNPT in/out for faster flow rates.
  • Provides refreshing purified water at all faucets, refrigerators and beverage dispensers
  • Eliminates taste and odor problems caused by chlorine and chlorine dioxide water treatment chemicals
  • Safeguards you, your family and pets from harmful chlorine disinfectants, industrial leaks, hydrogen sulfide gases and particulate matter that contaminate well and municipal water supplies
  • Recommended for POE residential and commercial applications
  • EPDM O-ring for leak-proof operation
  • Rated for up to 100 psi and 165 °F

WECO BB-20SED Big Blue Water Filter System For Sediment Capture

The WECO Big Blue sediment filter is designed for Point Of Entry (POE) industrial and residential filtration applications. The rugged reinforced polypropylene housing holds a 20-inch sediment filter cartridge. The pleated polyester filter cartridge is a premium sediment filter used in ultra-pure filtration applications. The sediment cartridge removes sand, grit, precipitated mineral particles, insoluble iron oxide and other debris down to 5 microns. The Big Blue sediment filter housing has 1” female NPT in and out connections that support high flow rates. The pressure relief button allows for easy air bleeding and cartridge change-outs. The WECO BB-20SED sediment filter is the ideal solution for removing harmful sediment from residential and commercial water supplies.

The BB-20SED protects all water-using appliances, such as dish washing machines, clothes washers, and ice makers from damage and clogging. Abrasive particulate matter will prematurely wear out faucet seals, O-rings, pumps and solenoid valves used in dish washing machines and clothes washers. Sand grains, grit and iron oxide clog the fine screens and tubing used in commercial coffee makers, expresso machines and beverage dispensers. The BB-20SED is recommended for sensitive medical and dental equipment to ensure trouble-free operation and reduced maintenance costs.

The WECO Big Blue Sediment Water Filter will also serve as a high-capacity pre-filter to protect whole house and commercial reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and WECO specialty filtration systems.

The Big Blue filter housing has 1” female NPT in and out connections that support high flow rates. The pressure relief button allows for easy air bleeding and cartridge change-outs.
10 inch Tall Filter Models




20 inch Tall Filter Models




Big Blue filters remove a wide variety of contaminants from residential and commercial water supplies.

Parts & Hardware Included

AValveinHead Filter System
BBlack O-Ring
CFilter Cartridge DFilter Housing Wrench

Tools & Materials Required

  • Compression Fittings/Valves (not included)
  • Two Adjustable Wrenches
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Pipe Cutter or Hacksaw
  • Pan or Bucket
  • File
  • Pencil
  • Plumber’s Tape
  • Silicone Grease

We recommend a 3-way bypass installation using 3 ball valves. The picture shows the unit in "Service" position. Valves on the left and the right are open; center valve is closed. Water flows through the filter.

To bypass, close the right and left valves and open the center. Water flows around the filter.

The bypass will work without the right or the left valve, but it's best to have both because it allows isolation of the filter completely from the house plumbing if desired.

Replacement Filters & Parts

Sediment Filters

These pleated filter cartridges efficiently decrease the levels of dirt, silt, rust, and other sediment in the water at flow rates higher than those achieved by traditional melt-blown sediment filters.

Filter Model BB-10SED BB-20SED
Replacement Cartridge 5MPLWCT4510 5MPLWCT4520

Carbon Block Filters

Carbon block water filters are designed to remove various contaminants from drinking water. They work by utilizing activated carbon, which is known for its excellent adsorption properties. Carbon blocks are used for chlorine and chemical reduction, organic compounds reduction, heavy metal reduction, improving taste and odor of the water and making it more palatable

Filter Model BB-10CAB BB-20CAB
Replacement Cartridge ACB-4510-5 ACB-4520-5

Specialty Media Filters

Our specialty cartridges are ideal for specialized uses and for conducting pilot tests on water treatment media before transitioning to full-scale applications with backwashing or simple in-out style mineral tanks. Check our website for more information including service flow rates recommended for each filter

Granualar Activated Carbon - Chlorine Reduction GAC-1045 GAC-2045
Catalytic Carbon - Chlorine & Chloramine
CAT-1045 CAT-2045
Granualar Activated Carbon - Chlorine Reduction GAC-1045 GAC-2045
KDF & Granular Activated Carbon - Heavy Metal
and Chlorine Reduction
KDF-GAC-1045 KDF-GAC-2045
Magnesium Oxide - Water pH Neutralization MOX-1045 MOX-2045
Calcite - Water pH Neutralization CALC-1045 CALC-2045
Magnesium Oxide & Calcite - Water pH
Granular Activated Carbon & Calcite - Chlorine/Organics
Reduction & Water Neutralization / Remineralization
Granular Activated Carbon & Magnesium Oxide - Chlorine/Organics
Reduction & Water Neutralization/Remineralization
GAC-MOX-1045 GAC-MOX-2045
KDF 85 Media - Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction
& Control of Scale, Bacteria & Algae
KDF85-1045 KDF85-2045
Filtersorb Media - Control Scale and Protect
FSB-1045 FSB-2045
Polyphosphate - Corrosion Control PP-1045 PP-2045
Activated Alumina - Fluoride Reduction AA-1045 AA-2045
Nano Titanium Oxide - Pilot Testing Arsenic
NTF-1045 NTF-2045
Nitrate Selective Resin - Pilot Test Nitrate
NT-1045 NT-2045
Nano Titanium Oxide - Pilot Testing Arsenic
NTF-1045 NTF-2045
Cation Softening Resin - Water Hardness
SOFT-1045 SOFT-2045
Deionization Media - Total Dissolved Solids
DI-1045 DI-2045


Single Wall Bracket Part # BW1

Replacement O-Ring Part # O-RING-BB

O-ring Lubricant Part # 862

Housing Wrench Part # SW-4

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