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WECO XT7200 Deluxe Turn-Key Reverse Osmosis Whole House/Light Commercial Water Purification System - 7,200 Gallons Per Day

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  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Reverse Osmosis membranes ҉
  • Twin Alternating softener or Anti-Scale system ҉
  • High capacity backwashing carbon filter ҉ 24 GPM Stainless UV sterilizer ҉
  • TDS blending valve ҉ Powder coated steel frame w/ heavy duty casters ҉
  • 1 hp stainless steel repressurization pump ҉ Stainless steel multi-stage pump ҉
  • Stainless steel membrane vessel ҉ High pressure nylon tubing ҉
  • Liquid-filled high pressure gauge ҉ Inlet/outlet pre-filter gauges ҉
  • Liquid-tight wire shrouding ҉ Feed water inlet solenoid valve ҉
  • Adjustable waste/recycle stainless steel needle valves ҉
  • Product/waste flow meters ҉ 5 micron BB pre-filter ҉
  • High pressure brass compression fittings ҉ (2) 300 gallon water storage tank ҉
  • 4 line LCD display ҉ Keypad ҉ Menu system ҉ Inlet temperature and TDS display ҉ Tank full indicator ҉ Hour meter ҉ Time delay start ҉Dual level tank control ҉ Fully fused ҉
  • (2) 20 GAC carbon block post filters ҉ Marine grade back panels ҉ Decorative stainless tank jackets


WECO XT deluxe turn-key whole house / commercial reverse osmosis systemuses multiple stages of water filtration to create pure drinking water, ideal for residential use, medical offices, laboratories, schools, aquariums and hydroponic growing operations. The process starts by softening the water. A twin tank industrial grade high efficiency cation exchange softener removes calcium, magnesium and iron in feed water. A backwashing automated carbon filter removes organic contaminants, tiny particles like rust, silt, and insect parts. This protects your family and prevents the filtration systems from clogging. As the water flows through the carbon filter, activated charcoal adsorbs taste and odor-causing chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and rotten-egg odors. Chlorine disinfection process can create cancer-causing byproducts in the water. These carcinogens, called THMs, are removed by the carbon filters. The carbon cartridges also remove organic contaminants like herbicides, insecticides and industrial chemicals that seep into groundwater. The next step involves the reverse osmosis (RO) process. Here water is “squeezed” through a special membrane. Heavy metals, like lead and mercury, are removed while purified water passes through. The RO process also removes salts, fluoride, radon, and benzene. The XT makes refreshing water the whole family will enjoy. Automatic electric booster pumps with pressure sensors keep the system operating in optimal condition. We recommend installation by a licensed plumber to ensure adherence to all local codes.


  • Whole house water purification
  • Commercial/Industrial drinking water purification
  • Hydroponic plant growing operations, Greenhouses
  • Large Aquariums
  • Breweries
  • Nursing homes, Health facilities
  • Laboratories (with optional DI resin filters)
  • Ideal for anyone health-conscious and concerned about drinking water quality
  • ҉Feed Water Parameters: 85°F maximum. Inlet pressure 40-80 PSI. Incoming TDS 2000 ppm maximum, if higher, consult WECO. Iron .5 ppm maximum. Hydrogen sulfide must be removed. Silica < 50 ppm. Turbidity should be removed. Hardness must be < 7 GPG. pH 3-11. Operating Parameters: 200 PSI maximum. pH range 3-11. Flow rates are based on test parameters of 1500 ppm Nacl solution, 77°F water temperature. Typical membrane salt rejection is 95-98%. Actual flow rates and rejection vary depending on the pre-treatment used, water conditions, feed water temperature, applied pressure and membrane type.
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