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WECO SL-7570 Shower Filter for Hot & Cold Water

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  • Remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals from hot & cold shower water.
  • KDF Process Media contain no chemicals and are 100% recyclable.
  • Controls microorganisms and reduces lime scale in problem areas like showers and tubs.

The WECO SL-7570 Shower filter with KDF®-55 is an inline chlorine removal system for municipal and well water supplies. KDF®-55 consists of high purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (the exchange of electrons) reduce/remove chlorine and control microorganisms water without the use of chemicals. Chlorine causes taste and odor problems in drinking water and showers. Chlorine is a powerful oxidizing irritant. It makes hair feel gummy when wet and straw-like when dry. Chlorine gas, evaporating from the shower water, irritates the eyes, nose and throat in adults, children and pets. SL-7570 works with hot and cold water.

The higher the water temperature, the more effective KDF 55 Process Medium becomes in reducing free chlorine.

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You're reviewing: WECO SL-7570 Shower Filter for Hot & Cold Water
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