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Troubleshooting RO Systems

RO System does NOT start up
Power cord not plugged in, Power outage Check and connect power
Transformer burned out Check the transformer input voltage/overload burned out
Insufficient water (water cut off) and inlet pressures Check the inlet water pressure
Booster pump malfunction Replace Booster pump
Post filter cartridges are clogged Check if post filter cartridge is clogging the water flow
High pressure switch failure Replace high pressure switch
Low pressure switch failure Replace low pressure switch
Insufficient Output RO Water
Insufficient water pressure coming out of booster pump Replace booster pump
RO membrane filter element got clogged Replace RO membrane
Insufficient water input Check if the Stage 1,2 or 3 filter cartridge is clogged
Stage 1,2 or 3 filter cartridge is clogged Check if the Stage 1,2 or 3 filter cartridge is clogged/replace
No or Little Decrease in TDS Value in Product Water
RO membrane connector O-RING deformed with leakage Replace O-RING
RO membrane ruptured/aperture enlarged Replace RO membrane element cartridge
System NOT Treating Water After Replacing Filter Cartridge
Air in the tubing (AIR) Release the air in the tubing
Pressurized Motor Continues to Restart Frequently
Outlet check valve is not blocking water completely Replace check valve
Leakage in the tubing Lock tight/replace tubing
Booster Pump Motor Burned Out
Abnormal frequent startup and overheat Replace booster pump
Pressurized Motor Junction Leakage
Motor triangular diaphragm rupture Replace booster pump
Motor Does NOT Pump Up the Pressure
Air in the motor Release the air
Insufficient water input Check if water supply and post filters cartridge are clogged
RO Water Smells or Tastes Strange
Inline active carbon is saturated Replace inline activated carbon filter cartridge (polished filter)
Intermittent usage, water ceases flowing Drain tank water/replace inline active carbon cartridge
Stage 1,2 or 3 filter cartridge Junction Leakage
Filter housing not locking tightly Lock each filter housing ( canister ) tightly
Filter housing o-ring deformed Replace housing o-ring
Transformer Burning Smell
Power input specification error/burned out Check if power input complies with standard specs