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WECO TAPURE RF-TF-05 Faucet Mount Ultrafiltration System Replacement Cartridge

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  • Five-stage drinking water purification system that works with tap water
  • Removes the top EPA-recognized drinking water contaminants found in well and municipal water supplies
  • Provides fresh-tasting, crystal clear water for the entire family and pets
  • Removes rust particles, sand, insect fragments and other gritty contamination
  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramine disinfection chemicals that cause taste and odor problems
  • Removes Industrial organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and VOCs that contaminate well and municipal water sources.
  • Strips out harmful metals like aluminum, lead, cadmium and copper
  • Adsorbs radon, haloacetic acids (HAAs), THMs and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) gas
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane removes bacteria, parasites and microscopic particles
  • Attractive filter design matches any décor in your home, office, or RV
  • Manufactured using lead and BPA-free NSF-compliant materials
  • Portable water filtration system can travel with you-take it anywhere
  • Comes with screw-on adapter to connect to any faucet
  • Easy installation, no plumbing required

The WECO TF-05 Faucet Mount Water Filter is a universal faucet mount filter suitable for home, office, hotel travel and even recreational vehicles. The WECO TF-05 filter uses a unique five-stage filter cartridge that removes all categories of water contamination. Water first passes through a polypropylene prefilter. The prefilter removes particles of rust, mineral scale, sand and insect parts that infiltrate water supplies. This stage protects your coffee maker, tea pot and faucet aerator from clogging. Next, the water flows through three stages of water conditioning and purification. The filter cartridge contains a unique blend of calcium sulfite filter beads, activated carbon and KDF catalytic media. The combination of specialized filter media makes the WECO TF-05 more effective than other faucet filters. The WECO filter eliminates chlorine and chloramine disinfectants. But there’s more! Chlorinated water reacts with natural organic compounds, causing the formation of cancer-causing byproducts, called THMs (trihalomethanes), in the drinking water. The WECO TF-05 Faucet Mount Water Filter removes carcinogenic THMs along with over 100 of other organic contaminants like radon, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, solvents, PCBs and industrial chemicals that impact well and municipal water supplies. Harmful heavy metals including lead, cadmium and copper are removed by KDF’s catalytic action. KDF also has bacteriostatic activity to protect against microbial growth inside the filter cartridge. The fifth purification stage involves the ultrafiltration (UF) process. Ultrafiltration uses a hydrophilic membrane to screen out microscopic biological, organic and inorganic contaminants. The UF membrane is capable of removing particles as small as 0.01 microns. This means WECO TF-05 filter can protect against water-borne parasite cysts (Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and bacteria that cause intestinal health problems.

The WECO TF-05 Faucet Mount Water Filter turns ordinary tap water into purified, refreshing drinking water the entire family will enjoy. Your pets will also appreciate the chlorine-free water in their bowl! You’ll immediately taste the improvement when making coffee, iced tea, drink mixes and other beverages. The WECO Faucet Mount Filter ensures you and your family are drinking the highest quality water free of metals, bad tastes and odors, and other contamination. The WECO Faucet Mount Filter installs on conventional kitchen and bathroom faucets and includes threaded adapters to make installation easy. The installation kit makes it simple to install the filter anywhere you need purified water, even the camper, travel trailer or workplace break room.

The WECO TF-05 Faucet Mount Water Filter comes ready to use and requires no plumbing modifications. The filter installs in minutes. Just by turning a dial you can select between filtered water for drinking, pets and food preparation or unfiltered tap water for cleaning and dishwashing. The installation is simple and non-permanent. You can remove the filter at any time and take it with you. Changing the filter cartridge is easy and requires no tools. Replacement filter cartridges are available from WECO.

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