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WECO RF-TF-04 Clear Faucet Mount Water Filter System Replacement Cartridge

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  • Two-stage drinking water purification system that works with tap water
  • Uses water purification technology endorsed by MIT, the Red Cross and UNICEF
  • Removes bacteria, parasites, algae, insect fragments and other microbial contamination
  • Eliminates sand grains, iron oxide particles, clay and suspended organics in well and municipal water supplies
  • Removes tastes and odors caused by chlorine disinfectants
  • Makes water crystal clear and refreshing for the entire family and pets
  • Coffee, tea and ice cubes taste better with purified water
  • Attractive filter design matches any décor in your home, office, or RV
  • Clear filter housing makes it easy to know when to change the filter cartridge
  • Manufactured using lead and BPA-free NSF-compliant materials
  • Portable water filtration system can travel with you-take it anywhere
  • Comes with screw-on adapter to connect to any faucet
  • Easy installation, no plumbing required

The WECO TF-04 Faucet Mount Water Filter is a universal faucet mount filter designed to solve taste and odor problems in drinking water caused by chlorine disinfectants. Chlorinated water is an irritant to the eyes, nose and throat. It ruins the taste of hot and cold drinks like coffee, tea, juice mixes and weight-loss products. Pets and houseplants are also sensitive to high chlorine levels in water. The WECO TF-04 water filter eliminates offensive taste and odor problems with a special calcium-based filtration media. Unlike budget faucet filters that allow some chlorine to pass through, the WECO TF-04 filter media is made for high-flow kitchen and bathroom faucets. You’ll always have cold chlorine-free water right from the tap! But that’s not all. The TF-04 comes with a ceramic filter for removal of microscopic contaminants including bacteria, parasite cysts, algae and other biological contamination like insect pieces. Ceramic filters are recognized by many organizations, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as effective protection against biologically contaminated drinking water. The ceramic filter also keeps dirt and mineral grit from clogging your faucet aerator, coffee pot and iced tea machine. Rust particles, insoluble carbonate scale, colloidal clay, sand and other solids are captured by the ceramic filter so they don’t contaminate ice cubes, foods and beverages. The clear filter housing makes it easy to see when the filter cartridge needs to be changed. As the ceramic filter captures debris it will change from white to a brownish color, depending on the type of contamination in your water. You can use the filter dial to select between filtered water for drinking, pets and food preparation or unfiltered tap water for cleaning and dishwashing.

The WECO TF-04 Faucet Mount Water Filter comes ready to use and requires no plumbing modifications. The filter installs in minutes. It can be used in the home, office, and even recreational vehicles. The WECO Faucet Mount Filter installs on conventional kitchen and bathroom faucets and includes threaded adapters to make installation easy. The installation is simple and non-permanent. You can remove the filter at any time and take it with you. Changing the filter cartridge is easy and requires no tools. Replacement filter cartridges are available from WECO.

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