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US Made Carbon Block 4.5" x 10 Inch Big Blue Type 1 Micron

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  • Efficient and effective for removing volatile organic carbon compounds, insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.
  • Outstanding chlorine, taste and odor reduction.
  • Great dirt holding capacity.
  • No channeling, fluidizing or bypassing problems associated with granular activated carbon (GAC) filters.
  • Independently NSF certified.
  • Fits any standard big blue 10" housing (4½" x 10").
  • Standard residential filter cartridge for big blue whole house water purification systems.

American Carbon Block

American Carbon Block uses only the finest activated coconut based carbon for purer water filtration. Unlike bituminous based coal solutions, they do not contain high levels of contaminants and dust fines which can leach into water. In addition, coconut contains a lower inorganic ash content and more microspores for increased surface area and porosity. This significantly increases its capacity to absorb small molecules such as VOC’s. Activated coconut-based carbon is a green product for todays environmentally conscious companies. Coconut shell carbon is well suited for organic chemical adsorption, including volatile organic chemicals while having higher chlorine reduction capabilities. Many organic compounds, such as chlorinated and non chlorinated solvents, trihalomethanes, pesticides and VOC's are adsorbed into the inner pores; coconut carbon is also effective for the reduction of chlorine and moderately effective for some heavy metals.

item # Size Micron Capacity Case Qty
ACB-2510-1 2½" x 9⅞" 1 20,000 Gal. @ 1 GPM 20
ACB-2510-5 2½" x 9⅞" 5 8,000 Gal. @ 1 GPM 20
ACB-2520-1 2½" x 20" 1 45,000 Gal. @ 2 GPM 20
ACB-2520-5 2½" x 20" 5 16,000 Gal. @ 2 GPM 20
ACB-4510-1 4½" x 10" 1 70,000 Gal. @ 3 GPM 9
ACB-4510-5 4½" x 10" 5 16,000 Gal. @ 3 GPM 9
ACB-4520-1 4½" x 20" 1 150,000 Gal. @ 6 GPM 9
ACB-4520-5 4½" x 20" 5 32,000 Gal. @ 7 GPM 9

Adding a scale inhibitor to the water is a cost effective and proven technology. Add our NSF 42 and NSF 60 certified antiscalant to the carbon block core to sequester hardness and inhibit the precipitation and formation of scale deposits. A protective coating provides corrosion protection against acidity, alkalinity,and many other mineral salts which may damage plumbing components. Simply add -P to the part number to include the scale inhibitor core !

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You're reviewing: US Made Carbon Block 4.5" x 10 Inch Big Blue Type 1 Micron
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